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A quality spanner set is always a good investment for keeps. JCBL Handtools is a leading spanners manufacturer in India and renowned for its high-quality tools especially Spanners conforming to DIN standards. We have a wide range of spanners with varying sizes, features, materials, and finish to suit your trade. Our range of spanners includes Double Open End Spanner, Combination Spanner, Double Ring Spanner, Gas Spanner, Single Open End Spanner, Tubular Box Spanner, Torex Wrench Spanner, Bi-hexagon Ring End Spanner and many more.

JCBL India's spanners come in many styles and sizes to meet your job requirements. Made of durable steel, the wrenches can handle any metalworking, plumbing, or electrical job. A combination wrench applies plenty of torque to tackle any tightening challenge and is available individually or in kits.

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