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15 Basic Tools Every Motorcycle Rider Should Own

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Maybe you have bought your brand-new motorcycle and the excitement is still in the air. We all know about the fun of owning a motorcycle and driving one. However, there is a step beyond that you could go by repairing your motorcycle with quality hand tools in automotive. It creates a bond between you and the motorcycle and gives you a special feeling. That is something that you could do as a motorcycle rider. 

Not just that, if you have your equipment ready with you, you will have peace of mind during times when your bikes are non-functional. Good knowledge of repairing bikes can help you to pick the tool yourself and get it fixed by yourself. It gives the added confidence of riding a bike that everything is under your control. 

Think of situations where you are going on a long tour on a bike, you can’t expect a bike mechanic to be available at remote places and therefore many riders feel insecure about the fact in case the bike goes for a toss. Getting to know the know-how of how to fix your bike and also to know how to use the hand tools can go a long way in enjoying the ride and leaving your anxieties away.

Now, we will go through the tool-set by hand tools manufacturers in India that will be most handy to you in the case of a bike repair.

15  Basic Tools for Motorcycle Riders

1. Socket wrench set

The socket wrench set comes in very handy when you need to remove tight corners or nuts that are embedded. The socket wrench set comes in different sizes and shapes. The most common sizes are 3/8” and 1/4″, both are frequently used in the market and are very handy to have in your buy automotive hand tools list.

2. Wrenches

Wrenches are the next most common tool that you would use in fixing your motorcycle. Most wrench jobs cover the size between 10mm to 17mm. So, get your sockets according to your need, whether a bigger one or a smaller one.

3. Screwdrivers

You will find plenty of uses for the screwdriver. A good quality screwdriver will have a hardened base to remove screws that are fastened tightly to the joints. Always prefer to buy a good quality screwdriver and don’t bargain on the quality of the screwdriver.

4. Spanner

A high-quality spanner is a definite must in a toolkit. If you want to unwind any screws to open any parts, the spanners would come in quite handy. Spanners provide an easier way to repair your motorcycle without making things complicated.

5. Hex Bit Sockets

The Hex bit sockets will come in very handy for you because most of the screws in the bikes are in the shape of Hex. So buy a hex head socket to add to your toolkit so you can snap onto these screws and unwind them easily.

6. Impact Wrench/Driver

Sometimes a screw is held tight within an aluminum crankcase and will not budge out. In such instances, the impact wrench can help you to fasten the screws easily without applying much force. An impact driver would be the ideal instrument to unwind such screws otherwise they might damage the fastener head while unwinding it.

7. Hammer

You might be wondering why in the world I need a hammer. No one is ever going to strike their motorcycle with a hammer. But believe me; a hammer will come in very handy while fixing your motorcycle. A hammer can be used in applications like driving your impact wrench or loosening those stiffened fasteners by gently tapping on them. Professional mechanics always have a hammer in their quality hand tools in an automotive kit and use them frequently more than we can imagine.


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8. Pressure gauge

You might not have thought about it, but a pressure gauge is an extremely useful tool to check tire pressure before you make a move. Every once in a while, say two months, you can continually monitor your tyre pressure to make sure that it is at optimum levels. Having the right amount of tyre pressure indicates that your vehicle will operate in optimal conditions.

9. Nitrile Gloves

It’s always safe to wear gloves while you are fixing your motorcycle. You might have to deal with a lot of grease and oil substance which might make a big mess, and to avoid it, the Nitrile gloves will come in very handy. Also, the gloves can safeguard your skin from the influence of any harmful chemical substances.

10. Rags

You always need a rag as you continue to work on your bikes. Every mechanic has multiple rags to wipe their hands off after some work. Have a few rags that can help you to clean yourself of the grease, oil and dirt substances.

11. Funnel

While transferring oil and lubricating substances, the funnel will be the right choice to transfer without spilling it over.

12. Needle-nose Pliers

Having needle-nose pliers is not a bad idea. It serves the purpose of pinching, pulling and being able to get into small spaces which otherwise is difficult. Buy automotive hand tools such as needle-nose pliers which are useful equipment and come in very handy during fixing your motorcycle.


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13. Spare Fuses

Get a couple of spare fuses for your bike and keep them ready in case the fuse lets you down. Forget about the hassle of running to the store to buy a fuse for a dollar to get your vehicle running.

14. Penetrating oil

The penetrating oil can be of great use to remove screws that are fastened very tightly to the base. It’s a lot easier way to unscrew screws by just using a little penetrating oil.


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15. Chain Lube

Chain lube is one of the basic maintenance activities to keep your bike in good condition. Try using a proper chain lubricant rather than WD-40 which displaces moisture. Apply chain lube and wipe off the excess with a rag or something to keep your motorcycle running smoothly.


Equipping yourself with a set of essential motorcycle repair tools inspires confidence to handle minor fixes independently. This core toolkit containing socket sets, wrenches, screwdrivers, hex sockets, lubricants and more empowers riders to quickly troubleshoot issues during long trips. Building mechanical know-how and an adequately stocked hand tool supply minimizes breakdown disruptions. With preparation and practice, self-sufficiency on the roads comes within every biker’s grasp. Ride assured by keeping these fundamental motorcycle hand tools handy for roadside repairs.

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