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8 Best Woodworking Hand Tools You Need For Carpentry!

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Best Woodworking Hand Tools You Need For Carpentry.

There are so many hand tools that are required for woodworking and they can be found easily. The two most important processes in woodworking are required for planning and sawing. Both planning and sawing are done on the heavy and sturdy workbench and the workbench should be strong enough and should have wooden vices. Remember that the holes and the wooden vices both have importance for various processes. The vices hold the wood with incredible pressure without marring the wood. Marring can damage the wood and hence need to be avoided. Let’s begin our research to discover the best woodworking hand tools required for woodworking.

What type of saws are available and which is required for which work?

Back saws can be very helpful and are of three types namely the Dovetail saw, the Carcass saw and the tenon saw. They are different from the panel saw and are used for making accurate joints such as the dovetail joints. Back saws are required must be stiff and that is being done through the use of steel or brass backs.

Different saws are being used for different purposes like

  • A dovetail saw is being used for cutting joinery along the grains or the rip teeth.
  • The carcass saw is used for cutting across the grain (cross-cut teeth).
  • A larger tenon saw is used for cutting deeper cuts like the tenon cheeks along the grain (rip teeth).

All these three saws are used in the workshop over the workbench quite often.

For planning you will need the planes and the two common planes are

  • The Jack plane, and
  • the block plane

A jack plane is a medium-sized “bench plane” that is always going to be used on the workbench. The jack plane is used for various functions on the workbench for rough stock removal, jointing board edges as long as they are not too long as well as smoothing the boards.

In case, not too deep cutting is required:

If you want to cut the wood to a lesser depth then you need to use the low-angled jack planes and since they cut not too deep, they are good for beginners and professionals.

Block planes are used to trim joints, put champers on the edges, and trim the end grains and much such type of things. Low-angle block planes are always better as they cut the difficult grains more easily. Suppose it is required to trim right against the tenon cheek or the other joints, in that case, the plane used is the low-angled block plane.

The Panel saws are available in two forms.

  • The first one is the one that cuts along the grain saw.
  • The second one is the one that cut across the grain saw.

Both of these can be used for the rough dimensioning of the lumber. The cost price of the panel saw is not that high and is as low as $ 5 s.


It is essential to select bevel edge bench chisels (new or vintage) such that they last for years and be used in almost all woodworking projects. It should be ensured that lighter wooden handle chisels with excellent steel are being used.

A good set of 5 7 bench chisels will help get everything right. It should be made sure that the best bench chisels are being used for woodworking tool collection.

Mortise chisels are used for chopping mortises or the rectangular holes into the sides of the board for the insertion of the tenons. Mortise or tenon is a very common and strong joint. The pig sticker mortise chisel is considered to be the best because of their weight and strength.

The miter box and the saw can be used to cut wood into very accurate and square lengths and it’s one of an important one among all the best woodworking hand tools. It can save a lot of time while someone tries to square the board ends for building the box tool chests. The long miter saw glides back and forth through a saw frame.

Adjusting frame angles

The frame angle can be adjusted to ensure perfect miter joints like the picture frames and many other joints. One can notice on the workbench that the miter box is used most frequently among all the saws. It’s not that expensive and one can get one at around $15s.


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One can use the coping saw for rough cutting shapes in the board but especially for removing the waste from the dovetail joints which is one of the most common wood joints. All affordable coping saws will work just fine as long as one has plenty of replacement blades on hand.

What’s required for measurement?   

If one is confident enough to build his try square, he should buy a good metal try square (which is somewhere between 9 to 12 inches). It will be used for scribing square lines down at the faces of the board such as the lines from where to cut with the saw. 

Most try squares are the 90-degree perfect squares. However, one can file to bring it back to square.

The 6-inch combination square is used for many tasks in the woodworking workshop, including the squareness of the boards (when planning to the final dimension, scribing dovetail joints and much more. One should never try to buy a cheap or affordable combination square because it will always suffer from inaccuracy, if one wants the joiner to fit dead on then he is required to scribe it dead on. Unfortunately, one will find only one company that makes the accurate combination square. However, it’s amazing and one will be using it daily.

Ascribing bevel square is used for scribing angles on a workspace. Once set, a good bevel square should be able to repeat that angle over and over again like when one is laying out the dovetails on the board face.

Not all sliding, bevel squares are good at holding that angle and they are the best for marking and measuring needs.

Dividers are also used for taking and repeating a measurement over and over again on a workpiece. Joiners for the traditional woodworkers rarely take measurements with the tape while doing the fine joinery work. However, taking the measurements with the dividers as one will be transferring more than one measurement at a time. He can either prefer a 3-inch pair or the 6-inch and 9-pair.

Just like the dividers, a marking gauge is used for transferring the measurement and repeating it over again and again and one should know about it if they want to buy common carpentry tools that are the best. A locking measurement keeps the gauge from slipping and losing the measurement and thus one can take two measurements at once and thus you will not need to buy the mortise gauge. It’s nice to save the money however; one should not rely on the cheaper mortise gauges. They can be useless as will not serve the exact requirement.

For sharpening tools  

Sometimes it is required to sharpen the hand planes, chisels regularly and for that one needs sharpening tools. One can buy a grinder with a cool cutting stone, a honing guide or a good quality water stone and diamond lapping plate for flattening the water stones.


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Wooden mallets are the best woodworking hand tools that are often used for hitting the chisels while cutting the joints like the dovetail joints and the chopping mortises. One should never hit a chisel with a metal hammer. He should buy a mallet that is made of reasonably hard wood like beach wood and one that will give a well-balanced feel.

Tools for marking  

A marking knife is being used to mark the line over which you have to cut with the saw. For tight spots, you need the marking knife. Some of the marking knives are very expensive though one can get a few at around $10s to $15s.

A large shoulder plane has so many uses like trimming tenons as well as other joineries, cutting rabbets, removing waste for hand-cutting moldings


Woodworking clamps are another example of the best woodworking hand tools that hold freshly glued-up joints together till the glue hardens. One will find hand screw clamps and a few bar-type clamps. These are the good points that can be very useful in buying common carpentry tools.

Why folding rules?  

Folding rules are always better than the tape measure as one can fold them in a much better manner. If someone is on a tight budget, a small tape measure can be used for the same job of rough measurement as a lumber yard.

A nice vintage 24-inch wooden rule is as handy as it slips into the pocket and will give a quick measurement. They are pretty affordable though one needs to know what to look for before buying. A folding rule is best as it easily folds and gives comfort just like the wooden rule.


From essential saws for cutting to planes for smoothing and chisels for detailing, a quality set of fundamental woodworking hand tools enables the creation of fine furniture and carpentry from start to finish. The above are the tools used during woodworking. One will find almost all the best woodworking hand tools in the above list and the best part someone can find in the above content is the useful tips like when to use which hand tool. Different tools are required during different steps in woodworking and the above tips are going to be very useful.

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