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6 Essential Tools For Setting Up A Basic DIY Toolkit

6 Basic DIY Toolkit

There is no need to always call for the plumber or the electrician to fix some of the plumbing or electric chores at your home. If you are familiar with the process and have a handy toolset, you will be surprised how much of the work you can handle by yourself. Whether the pipe got broken or you need to fix some broken hinges in your furniture, you can surprise everyone by fixing some of the tasks yourself with handy garage hand tools at your home. Here is a list of toolsets that you need to have in handy to deal with repairs at your home.

Needle Nose Plier

The needle nose plier is quite a handy device, its thin frame allows you to undertake repair on tight corners, whether to pull a wire or for any other purpose. The pliers and pincers are useful for any kind of electric work that may need to cut, strip, shape or bend any wires for your DIY work.

Slip Joint Plier

The slip joint plier is essential, whether you need it for some electric work like cutting a wire or you may have some plumbing issues to deal with. The slip joint plier comes with a central axis that is adjustable according to the size you need to hold a bolt or a nut. It is also attached to a wire-cutting accessory, often found in the middle of the plier.


Every garage handtool has a spanner in its kit. A spanner is useful when you need to tighten or loosen a bolt or a nut that is fixed strongly. Whether it is your automobile in trouble or any appliance, you can fix it easily with a spanner by unbolting the nuts and finding out what the actual problem is. It only takes minutes with a high-quality spanner to easily diagnose the problem and come up with a solution.

Tubular Box End Spanner  

A tubular box end spanner is excellent for automotive and plumbing problems because of its ability to reach out to deep corners and areas with their length. They come in different sizes and are mostly hexagonal in shape depending on the fasteners. Once the spanner is attached to the fastener, a tommy bar placed in a perpendicular direction is used to twist the spanner to unfasten the nut or bolt. It is quite a handy instrument to have in your garage hand tools, especially for automotive and plumbing jobs.   


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Chrome Vanadium Wrenches  

Chrome Vanadium Wrenches provide the perfect strength to the metal for wrenches and their application. They are used to unwind fasteners or fix them to the metal. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the size of the fasteners.

Ring Spanner

Ring spanner sets come in different sizes and shapes and they are slightly different from the socket spanner. They are used to grip the fasteners just like a socket spanner and to unwind or to grip them tightly from slipping off. Buy Ring Spanner sets from reputed hand tools manufacturers for your day-to-day needs.

Final Thought 

Equipping your home with a core set of versatile instruments like pliers, wrenches and spanners allows you to tackle minor repairs independently. Keeping these fundamental DIY tools handy saves time and expenses for basic electrical, plumbing and mechanical fixes. With practice, you can handle many routine household jobs without needing to call in a professional. Start simple by gathering these 6 essentials to build your repair confidence over time.

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